Anonymous ASKED:
Hey! I was wondering if a Harmione Big Bang ever existed? Or would it be HarryHermione Big Bang? I think almost every ship but ours has one. :sigh: ;_;

As far as I know, there hasn’t been one. Keep your ears to the ground for fic related activities this summer though. Maybe we could host a big bang here if there’s enough interest. 

adrienie ASKED:
I really love this blog a lot. But I don't have nearly enough HP love on my dash these days. Any suggestions for some equally good blogs out there?

Check out our credits page for a list of Harry/Hermione blogs

Anonymous ASKED:
Hi, I'm searching for an older Harmony fic that covered the Horcrux hunt. I remember it being a bit darker. The trio does not return to school. There's a scene of Hagrid helping them remove a Horcrux at Hogwarts. and aging due to dealing with the protections placed on it. Also, I think Draco gets involved, but I'm not positive about that last bit.

This sounds so familiar to me but I can’t place it.

Does anyone know this fic?

everybody-needs-a-dream-deactiv ASKED:
hey, I love your blog, which theme did you use? .)

We use a theme by pistachi-o, one of my favourite theme makers. I just did some minor code tweaking to make it more pumpkin-y.

Anonymous ASKED:
Are you going to host any H/Hr ficathons in the near future?

We’d absolutely love to have another fic fest. This is good timing because I was just looking at some of the dead fic exchanges and contests on livejournal and wondering how they could be revived. Suggestions are welcome! It really all depends on interest and participation from the followers.

Maybe we could put something together for the summer?

Followers, let me know 1) if you’d participate in a fic fest and 2) what kind you’d like to do (gift exchange, last author standing, comment ficathon, etc.) Maybe I’ll do a poll on livejournal. Ask box is open as always.

eachap ASKED:
I was on the Harry/Hermione master fic post and saw a link to a question someone asked you. I was hoping you could answer one for me. Do you know of any well written, novel length Marriage Law fics for Harry/Hermione? Preferably Mature rating, but any rating is fine.

I remember reading one ages ago that I liked. All Muggleborns had to marry Purebloods because of reasons but Harry and Hermione were assigned to each other because they were the most powerful of their age group so the ministry thought their child would be the greatest. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Anyway, I found one on Portkey and though I try not to rec fics I haven’t read, I simply don’t have time for novel length stuff right now. I’ll keep my eye out though.

What Might Have Been by lorien829 - Reviews (637) - H/Hr 
SPOILERS: Books 1 - 5 Contents: PG13 
Description: A Marriage Law threatens Harry and Hermione’s newly realized future. This will contain a non-H/Hr ship (that will be treated fairly), but it will end up H/Hr in the end. You have been warned. 
Published: 06/08/05 Updated: 23/09/05 Status: Completed 
Genre: Angst / Romance Words: 62,221

Followers, please recommend more if you know of any. Thanks!

Anonymous ASKED:
hi sorry if i'm bothering you, but i'm wondering if you know of any harry x hermione tumblr blogs that lists and organizes fics likes dramioneficlists and dramioneasks?

First I have to say I am super impressed by the level of organization at dramioneficlists. I actually have something similar in the works for this ship but it’s not ready yet.

The only fanfic blog that I know of for Harry/Hermione is harmony-fiction.

Anonymous ASKED:
Do you know any where her relationship with her parents is bad? Like they have always hated her/abused her?

I’m assuming you mean Hermione and no, I haven’t. Usually, in the fics I’ve read, her parents don’t feature or they’re pretty normal. I’d love some recommendations if anyone has any.

Anonymous ASKED:
There's these two hhr tumblr's as well: harmonyloony & stayhereharmony. Sorry to bother you. :)

Thanks for the recommendations! Everyone check out harmonyloony and stayhereharmony. I’m always happy to see more Harry/Hermione blogs.

champagneandminifridge ASKED:
Hi there! Well, I was wondering if you have ever read a harmony fanfiction which is AU and Hermione is found by Harry with all of her memories lost... This Harry is probably some kind of police man and he has a dog... And, if I'm not wrong, Hermione lost her memory in some kind of accident and some bad people are looking for her... If you ever read this fic or about it, I would pleased to know the title ;D

I’ve never heard of that fic but maybe some of our followers have.